Way back in 1960 Thetford invented the first ever Camping Toilet, transforming the leisure market, followed up over the years with many innovations aimed at holiday comfort.

The original Thetford Porta Potti was following by the launch in later years of cassette toilets  and permanent toilets which flush into a vehicle’s holding tanks.

As well as all types of Toilet Care, Thetford also produce a range of Refrigerators, Cooking Appliances and Sink units.

The Thetford product range consists of 

  • Cassette Toilets - C200 series, C262, C263, C402
  • Permanent Toilets - Electra Magic, Aqua Magic and Bravura
  • Porta Potti Qube range and Excellence
  • Aqua Kem, Blue, Green, Sachets and Tank Cleaner
  • Aqua Rinse Plus
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Aqua Rinse Spray and Soft Toilet Paper
  • Plastic bathroom cleaner, Seal Lubricant and Tank Freshener
  • Fridges and Fridge Freezers
  • Hobs, Ovens and Sinks

Additives from Thetford satisfy the highest environmental and efficiency standards. Their products are tested, amongst other things, for their biodegradability, their functionality and their suitability for water treatment systems.

For decades Thetford has been designing and developing mobile toilets for the leisure market as well as fluids to keep those toilets functioning properly. The researchers working in their highly regarded laboratories and external institutes are constantly developing and testing new products for them.
All because they want to give you the best that money can buy.

End users, camping organisations and government bodies all acknowledge the high standard and quality of Thetford products. Moreover, many of their products have been granted quality hallmarks in various countries for their high level of environmental friendliness.

Thetford develops not only mobile sanitary solutions, but also top of the line refrigerators. They started producing refrigerators for the leisure market over a decade ago, continuing to develop in terms of quality, design and easy handling. Their refrigerators are extensively tested to high quality standards. Plus, Thetford refrigerators come with a full three year warranty,.

At Thetford they have a passion for camping and travelling, no matter whether this is by caravan or motorhome, camping in tents or enjoying a leisurely holiday on a boat.

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