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The Motorhome Fulltimers Association

The Motorhome Fulltimers Association aims to give a stronger voice to fulltimers in their struggle with officialdom. Too often fulltimers are penalised because the “system” is not geared up for those who wish to travel full time in their motorhomes.

These problems include obtaining the relevant insurance, receiving pensions and benefits, driving licence problems along with issues with bank accounts, travel documents and the police. The association will set out clear objectives and then form a plan of attack to achieve them. 

This action might involve letter writing, lobbying and petitions etc.The association is free to join, The joining criteria is simple; you must be already be a full timer , you aspire to travel full time for periods of longer that 12 months in the future or you just want to explore the idea. There is no charge to join the association, though our mandate will allow fund-raising should it be required in our battles with narrow minded legislation and officials.

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