Falcon Technical Portable Satellite Kits

For UK TV reception as far as Northern Spain, the QuickSAT range of Satellite TV kits from Falcon Technical is what you need. 


The kit comes with everything you need for great quality TV signal, except the TV itself and a receiver! 


It can be used with any TV and your own satellite receiver or a TV with integrated satellite receiver. And with no Sat finder required, the QuickSAT’s patented satellite alignment tool offers the most efficient solution to dish setup available in it class.


What you get in the Package:

  • QuickSAT QS45,65 or 80 satellite dish with twin LNB
  • QuickSAT digital elevation meter
  • Sturdy tripod with ground pegs
  • Connection cable's audio and signal cable
  • Quick Sat Mat and compass
  • QuickSAT carry bag
  • Full instructions and demo DVD

There are three QuickSAT kits available, each with varying degrees of coverage, so you can choose the one thats right for you. 


A completely TV package is also available from Falcon, including all of the above, plus a 19" Television with satellite and Freeview reciever.

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