Deaf Caravanning and Camping Club uk

The Deaf Caravan and Camping Club (DCCC) was founded in 1974 by a small group of  Deaf people since then the membership has been increasing year by year. The DCCC organise monthly rallies around the UK from March till October.

During the AGM in 1998, due to the increased number of members and long distance of travelling, a matter was brought up to set up regional areas to organised rallies in the Northern, Midlands and Southern area, it was agreed to set up a sub-committee chair by the belated Mr A. Monk to discuss setting up new structures of the DCCC, at the AGM in 2000 the members voted unanimously for the new structures to start from 2001 which became Deaf Caravanning and Camping Club uk. (DCCCuk.)

Another club called Welcome Deaf Camper (WDC) founded in 1986 which organised rallies for members around the London and some part of southern area decided to affiliate with the DCCCuk in 2003 and their logo still remains WDC.

During our 30 years celebration anniversary rally at Devon, the officers of the DCCCuk decided to award Mr William & Joan Rowley as our Honourable Life Presidents of the DCCCuk, they have been a member and officer role of the DCCC/DCCCuk since the DCCC was founded in 1974, the longest serving members and can anyone beat that!!!

The objectives of the DCCCuk are to oversee the regional areas that organise rallies and social events for the benefit of Deaf, Hearing Impaired and Hearing people. To promote and support o the regional area i.e. DCCC north, DCCC midlands and WDC. The regional areas set up their own officers and committee and the DCCCuk shall observe and provide facilities for the regional areas. The DCCCuk also co-operate with other organisations with the same interests as the club.

The members should  receive a DCCCuk  rally booklet with the choices of rally programme events, the annual membership is from January to December and the AGM held in the autumn.

Anyone wishing to apply for membership can contact the Secretary for membership form via his email address (use e mail link in yellow)


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