Coot Scootz - All Electric Mopeds

Both stylish and comfortable, Coot Scootz come in a range of colours and are perfectly designed for getting around town.

With a full 12 month warranty, zero road tax and zero Co2 emissions there really hasn’t been a better time to buy an electric moped.

Merlin Range - The nifty and sleek “about town” electric mopeds: The Merlin Range is designed to look sleek and cool.

Hawk Range - Stunning colours and angular features make the The Hawk Range of electric mopeds really beautiful, stylish and practical.

Falcon Range - The Falcon Range of electric mopeds are beautiful, stylish and practical and perfect for getting about town. 

Harrier Range - The Harrier Range of electric mopeds are contemporary and practical.

Detailed information on all their ranges can be found on the Coot Scootz website!

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